[Interview] a heathen mystic speaks

by Amy on March 14, 2013

For this month’s interview series, I had the chance to chat with my good pal Anna “What’s Her Name” Kunnecke about her signature program The Queen Sweep.

(Don’t miss the first 3 minutes. You will see all kinds of bloopers that I’m just too damned lazy to edit out (plus real life is sooooo much more interesting than any shiny and sparkly version I could have put together for you.))

Anna’s a Master Martha Beck Life Coach, a self-proclaimed heathen mystic (pretty brazen) and a lover of the finer things in life.

We talk about The Queen Sweep — how it’s all about practicing the principles of mysticism via your personal clutter.

After all, if you’re not actually doing anything concrete in the real world, it’s all just swimming around in your head… What good is that?

Click the image below to watch the interview and make sure you get in on her free call tomorrow where she’ll be walking you through a strategy LIVE to clear clutter in a very important area of your life…

Here’s that link to Anna’s class:


So… What kind of clutter do you have? Confess below in the comments section!

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