An Open Letter to the NE Portland Tire Slasher

by Amy on August 21, 2013

Photo from KATU News and

Photo from KATU News and

Dear NE Portland Tire Slasher,

You have been busy slashing tires in my neighborhood since May. Hundreds of tires, 50 to 60 a week. Last week you got my neighbor’s Subaru.

Those are pretty impressive numbers. I hear you use a contraption that leaves holes that people don’t notice right away. Clever.

Slashing all those tires… you’re obviously a pretty efficient, organized and what with this contraption you’re using… innovative too.

But I have a hunch about you.

I think that when the stork dropped you, you started out a sensitive soul with a lot of big ideas.

You, Tire Slasher, have been on the receiving end of so much shit — abuse, verbal and physical. You’ve been called stupid, ugly, weak, fucked up, crazy, inept. Since you can remember.

So you learned to turn all that shit inside out. You learned to dish it. On the sly.

You judged before you could be judged.
You hit before you could get hit.
You found a way to get back at “them” when they weren’t looking.

It’s a kind of shield – as long as you dish shit nobody bothers with you.

You live in the neighborhood. You see them driving their cars. They don’t create or innovate. They’re too busy paying for those cars.

So you get to it. At night. While they’re asleep. You serve them up a happy surprise in the morning.

But here’s the thing…

Your handiwork is no substitute for the thing you’ve always really wanted to do but forgotten about – create.

Destroying tires – no matter how many and how fast and with whatever contraption – will always be easier than making things.

[pullquote]Destroying tires – no matter how many and how fast and with whatever contraption – will always be easier than making things.[/pullquote]

You’re doing the easy – and chicken shit–thing by preying on tires and the people who own them.

When you destroy, you give in to all those years of shit. Every tire you puncture is another confirmation that you can’t actually do what you really always wanted…

To build, construct, engineer, mold and shape, to put something into the world that came from you — never heard, seen, felt or experienced before.

You put “them” in charge of your fate – the ones who never believed in you, never gave you a chance, shot you down, pushed you around, crushed you with fists and words.

You are fighting the wrong enemy Tire Slasher. Your enemy is not the people of NE Portland who are too busy paying for their cars to build, construct, engineer, mold and shape.

You need to fight the ones who crushed you before you could ever believe in yourself. You have to fight them by proving them wrong.

You have something to contribute.

Create it.

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The Hater

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