[Success Tweak 2] 5 Ways to Embrace Discomfort Even When You’d Rather be Watching “Orange is the New Black”

by Amy on October 30, 2013



I’m sitting here in front of my computer trying to type a blog post about discomfort. I’ve stopped and started 3 times. Write. Erase. Sigh. Repeat.

“Start with a strong hook! Tell them a story that will make them laugh.” (I can’t think of a story.)
“Make sure it’s educational. See if you can find a quote from that interview about human evolution.” (I can’t remember where it is…)
“Make sure it’s longer than most of your posts because this is a series dammit! But if it’s longer than most of your posts, make sure it’s one of your best work.” (Doh! I can’t. Find anything. Interesting to say!!!!!!)

A week after I was published in The Huffington Post, I’m staring at my computer telling myself this one has to be just as good.

And if it’s not?

Well then The Huffington Post was a fluke. After all I had help with that post. Martha Beck herself gave me feedback. 3 people helped me copy edit it. (“Shit Amy, don’t tell them that. They WILL think it was a fluke.”)

This is what I mean by discomfort.

When I quote whomever it was that said “successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not,” THIS is what I mean.

Successful people sit down, in front of the computer without an ounce of an inkling of a clue, knowing full well they may never write a post as good as that one.

Even though some people might think that one was a fluke.

They write because they have a message to share. It may not make you laugh. It may not make you cry. But they know, if you read it, it might just change your life.

Success hides among fear, self doubt, vulnerability and “I’d rather be watching Orange is the New Black.” But if you sit down anyway you’ll feel it tugging at you.

Underneath the rest of the noise, it’s there reminding you that you have a purpose. You’re here for a reason. You have a story to tell.

So sit your ass down.

5 Ways to Embrace Discomfort Even When You’d Rather be Watching “Orange is the New Black”:

  1. Stop pimping yourself out for comfort. [Tweet that] It’s not what you think it is. In fact, you’re probably pretty darn uncomfortable trying to stay comfortable. So speak up. Write something. Take that speaking gig even if it scares the crap out of you. Turn toward discomfort any chance you get when it’s in honor of your True Self and see what happens.
  2. Take baby steps. If it feels terrifying to embrace discomfort start really small. Maybe you wear those crazy shoes you love. Maybe you tell your friend you’d rather not go to that candle party tomorrow night. Maybe you admit on facebook that you love to watch TV. Look for something that only scares you a little bit and dip your toe in the water.
  3. Stop hiding behind “good manners.” If someone says yes to me when they really want to say no, I don’t consider that good manners. I consider that lying. If you’re afraid to speak up for yourself out of fear that your friend will hate you or your boss won’t give you a referral, reconsider your relationship with your friend and ask yourself how bad you actually need that referral.
  4. Realize you’re making a choice. A lot of people don’t realize that resistance in all its forms – the faffing, the procrastination, all that TV, is really just a convenient way to hide. You tell yourself, “I don’t know why, I just can’t seem to get anything done.” I do. You’re afraid of discomfort. From now on, realize you’re making a choice. You choose to spend your time on Pinterest because you don’t want to risk the discomfort of someone hating on you. It’s a tradeoff. But ask yourself this: is it worth it?
  5. Remember, haters gonna hate. And some people just won’t give a shit. So stop bending over backwards so your neighbor won’t roll her eyes or so your Aunt Jean won’t snicker behind your back. When you do, you make yourself invisible to the people who will read your post and cry with gratitude because it finally got them to do something with their one wild and precious life.

So what’s 1 baby step you can take to turn towards discomfort in honor of your True Self? Share in the comments below and I’ll choose one person at random to win a copy of Be Brazen The Breakthrough Session.

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Renya Krempl October 31, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Thank you for this great reminder! I will stop censoring my posts on Facebook because my son’s girlfriend’s mom has now friended me (I am not joking…). They are conservative and I am not, so I “didn’t want to make it awkward”…


Dana October 31, 2013 at 3:23 pm

I am an unpublished writer working on my first novel and I am dedicated to 2000 words a day, which is sometimes uncomfortable, but doable. Or so I thought until it was time to write a sex scene. Sooooo embarrassing until I decided to stop writing like my dad was gonna read it (I wanted to use words like “hoo-hoo” and “weiner”), and I let myself write a positively pornographic scene with a lot of details and naughty words. I am sure that I will smooth it out a bit in editing, but it was fun to let go and write just for me. And the good news is that if I don’t have a future in chick lit, I may have one writing erotica. 😉


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