We have lice

by Amy on September 21, 2015

I’m writing to you from a place called “Lice Knowing You.”
I had to cancel most of my day because…
My entire family is infected with head lice.
Oh and I did something to my shoulder so I can’t lift up my right arm.
And while we‘re at it… I should tell you that I haven’t worked out for almost two weeks.
There were fruity snack wrappers strewn about the floor when we left…
Piles of laundry spilling into the hallway,
And the kitchen looks like it was hit by a Tornado.
Some days this is what my life looks like.
No fresh flowers.
No sexy soirées.
No new shoes or organized closet to show for.
I don’t have picture of happy kids for you today (just a cute kid in a shower cap).
But here’s what I know…
I’m still TOTALLY qualified to be of service to my community. TO YOU.
If I hide behind my imperfections, I’m doing exactly that…
Because real life doesn’t look like a Facebook news stream.
Sometimes it’s messy and humbling and inconvenient.
AND It’s always unpredictable.
So don’t beat yourself up if you table doesn’t look impeccable.
And don’t use your flaws as an excuse to hide, either!
Give yourself permission to be human.
Because when you do, you give us permission too.

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