12 Double Dog Dares For You To Try in 2016

by Amy on January 6, 2016


I admit it.

I am a daredevil.

I’ll do just about anything if you “double-dog dare” me to (take it easy on me in the comments section)…

This one’s for you daredevils out there.

BUT I’m not letting you scaredy cats off the hook!

It’s for you too.

Because daredevil or not, these dares are meant to get you out of your comfort zone, so you can grow that courage muscle.

Pick the one that seems to be whispering to you… “Do it. Come on, do it!” And see what happens.

1. Do the SAME thing for 40 days (in a row).

They say it takes 40 days to create a habit. So why not create some good ones?

Do the same thing for 40 days. If you fail, start over. (I’m trying a 30 minute Kundalini meditation called the Kritan Kriya.)

Even better, use a Creative Progress Map to keep yourself accountable. Actually I’m being an overachiever and using a 90 day map to track my meditations.

2. Try Kundalini Yoga.

Admittedly Kundalini yoga is weird. But I promise, you don’t have to cover your head… and wearing white is optional. But since I’ve been doing it, I’m eating better, more energized, having more sex (or wanting to anyway), and I’m an all around happier person. One of my teachers, Kia Miller, advised me to just keep doing it for 40 days even if I have no idea if it’s working and I think it’s weird. You can catch Kia teaching on YogaGlo.com or you can google kundalini on Youtube. I like the “Ego-Eradicator” (it’s 3 minutes!) or google “Costa Rica Sadhana” with Kia and her husband Tommy.

3. Get up Super Early in the Morning

Let me guess… night time is when you drink the most wine, do the most online shopping, eat the most ice-cream and/or watch all that bad TV. What if you actually went to bed instead? Then (gasp) got up early to do productive stuff like exercise, meditate, read, drink high protein shakes, take vitamins, levitate, cleanse your colon, channel your archangel… whatever productive stuff you do.

4. Stop Drinking, Smoking, Eating Sugar…

Whatever you’ve been using as an emotional crutch… Actually stop for, like, a year and see what changes. Be a total scientist about it. Not drinking (2 years!) is my new super power. Tommy Rosen’s work has been a huge help to me in this department.

5. Take Time Off (When You’ve Got a Ton To Do!)

Because when don’t you have a ton to do? I’m taking Friday mornings off to play tennis no matter what is on my to do list because if I can’t find the time to play tennis, what is it all for anyway? What will you commit to do? I promise you: The sun will still rise.

6. Drink Green Juice (at least) Once a Week

Green is good. Invest in a juicer and juice up the organic stuff. Or just pick one up at Whole Foods once a week. You’re worth it. (And your cells will thank you.)

7. Throw Away Your Synthetic Meds

Ahem. Is anyone else tired of those pharmaceutical commercials marketing the next fad pill (and listening to all the ridiculous side effects at the end)? I’m staging a rebellion in my medical cabinet and using certified pure therapeutic grade (this is important) essential oils to do everything over the counter drugs can do and more (without side effects, toxins or chemicals).

If you want to learn more about this, click here to get on my essential oils notification list.

8. Share a Vulnerable Story About Yourself

My client and friend Lauren Oujiri did this and her post went viral and she enrolled a bunch of new clients. All of which was totally unexpected. The most important thing? She helped a lot of people who needed to hear a story that she needed to tell. That’s the power of your story. It’s a big deal.

9. Set BIG Goals

Don’t listen to people who say goals are cheesy and don’t really work. Goals are my secret success weapon. I like to set ‘em big and juicy and I dare you to do it too. Then I stop worrying about the outcome and figure out how to enjoy the every day high I get when I do some little thing to close the gap. Yes, goals are my new drug of choice. Confession: I often fall short of my BIG goals. But I get a lot closer than I would have otherwise.

10. Look at Your Money Situation

I used to do anything but. I’d spend and spend. And if I didn’t have it? Well I’d put it on the card of course! Every time I went to open my accounts I felt sick. Until YNAB that is. The name stands for You Need A Budget. It, sort of, gamifies money tracking.  And since then I haven’t put a damn thing on the card that I haven’t paid right back. Face your fear. It’s “worth” it.

11. Invite Them to Judge You

In other words, stop trying to control what other people think about you. And actually expect some folks to hate on you. If you get some hate mail, take it as a sign you are on the right path! The truth is you weren’t meant for everyone. I’m not either. Take consolation in knowing that telling the truth about what you think and who you are is also how you find YOUR tribe.

12. Forgive

All that resentment is taking up too much space in your psyche. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness this year and things will bloom for you like the flower you are. Make a list of all the people who have done you wrong. Make a list of all the things you haven’t forgiven about yourself. Then — one by one — let yourself feel your feelings then say this: “I forgive you. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you.”  Or watch this Ho’oponopono prayer. Take it from me, this is simple AND it works.

Well, this should keep you busy in 2016 — you dare devil you.

And if you need backup (you probably will), I’ve got you. Join me in The Brazen Society. It’s a success club that will get you in forward motion, keep you accountable, and keep you motivated over the year. You’re worth it.

I’m collecting more Double Dog Dares. So post yours in the comments section below! I double dog dare you to do that too 🙂

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Jean January 7, 2016 at 2:55 pm

This is one of the posts that reminds me how grateful I am to be one of your tribe members!!!

I know for me that yoga and running have sustained my life…really keeps me sane and grounded and fit and physically strong which comes in handy when I need to be emotionally and spiritually strong. So my double dog dare is making sure I MOVE everyday…even for 10 mins….because I ALWAYS feel better after!!

xx, Jean


Amy January 8, 2016 at 1:23 am

I love that one Jean! And I’m equally grateful to you for being in my tribe!


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