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by Amy on January 5, 2016

Amy | Live Brazen

Ever since I became a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils I’ve been getting weird vibes from some of my business friends.

They don’t outright accuse me of being crazy…

They just say things like…

How do you have time for that?

I didn’t know you were into network marketing.

Or they tell me stories about all the other people they know who do “that” too.

Or they just avoid the subject all together.

Like when my finance guy didn’t say anything the month I bought the “All Oils Kit.” (Kind of hard to miss that line item. $$)

But he asked my husband about it…

“Is this going to be her new business?”

It’s not the actual words they say though.

It’s the tone. The way they vibrate when they talk about it. It’s got, “I’ve lost respect for you” written all over it.

Which is Really. Fricking. Hard.

Because, frankly, I’ve worked really hard to be a “somebody” in my business.

AND I care about what these people think. I want them to respect me.

Now… I will also admit that I’m probably reading waaaaaay into this, as one does when they are a recovering approval addict. Ahem.

But that’s the thing…

Sometimes following your heart takes you into tricky tricky territory.

Your heart asks you to do the equivalent of walking into a crowded room full of people you admire, with your fly down.

After you finally “fit in” and you’ve got them all convinced you’re something special…

That’s when your heart goes and tells you to do something dorky according to the social circles you run in.

That’s when you are REALLY put to the test.

That’s when you have to remind yourself of the people who say things like this …

“The need to ‘be cool’ is an emotional straightjacket. It keeps us from moving, growing, stretching and feeling free.” (Thank you Brené)

So there you go…

I’m not giving up my business. No way.

I do have time for it. (Because I set priorities.)

I don’t care that a lot of other people are doing it. GOOD. The more the better.

I don’t give a shit if it’s network marketing so long as it’s helping people. And it IS.

My heart understands. And that’s the most important thing.

By the way…

You can actually use oils sourced 100% from plants – from PLANTS!– without any other synthetic ingredient, chemical or toxin to take care of your health and your family’s health.

This is SUCH a no-brainer to me.

Here’s a story I watched yesterday.

(Just a regular mama who needed to find a way to help her little guy!)

The more I use these oils, the more my heart tells me to get the word out.

Cool or not.

The old me would have been too worried about what my “cool” friends would think.

But the new me doesn’t care.

So how about you?

Does your heart ever take you into the inconvenient territory of appearing unimpressive to the people you want to like you?

What do you do?

Do you go with your heart?

Or do you do what the “cool” kids do?

Want to learn more about how to actually use essential oils in your household (they’re cheaper, safer and often more effective than synthetic drugs)?  Click here for more information on Brazen Oils.

And if you need some support following your heart especially when it’s scary (and you look uncool), join me in The Brazen Society, where talk about “handling the haters.” Not. To. Miss.

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Mary July 25, 2017 at 12:19 am

Hey Amy,
I am a coach and I love essential oils. I don’t actively sell them, but I use them everyday of my life. I share them, I occasionally sign someone up and someday I’ll sell more. For now, I love doTERRA, I congratulate you on your desire to take care of your family and to share the word. Nothing weird here. 🙂


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