Show Me A Successful Entrepreneur

by Amy on March 10, 2017

Show me a successful entrepreneur in the service industry and I’ll show you a person who loves themselves enough, loves the work enough to let themselves fail.

Somebody who is willing to get out there despite the possibility of bad hair, typos, toilet paper on the shoe, awkward exchanges (Them: Nice to meet you. You: I’m fine thank you.), the “advice” of well meaning family members, email messages from assholes, technology mishaps, lackluster copy, bad graphics, a crappy background, no shows or the wrong shows. And on and on and on.

I’ll show you someone who sees service in the name of love as more important than the potential loss of a friend, the potential judgement by a colleague, the potential client who wants a refund.

I’ll show you someone who can laugh at the whole thing after a good ugly cry. Who can keep going after a monumental fuck up. I’ll show you someone who loves themselves enough to know that service does not equal perfection, it is about calling BS on the excuse that success has to look a certain way and the lie that there will ever be a time when they will FEEL ready.

I’ll show you someone who accepts the truth that wherever they are now emotionally, financially, spiritually… it is enough to help another human being. Someone who loves themselves enough to understand that it isn’t about another credential or certification or course. It’s about stepping up out of respect for the gift they have and the people they can help with this gift.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur? How much do you love yourself? In the end, it all comes back to that.

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