Meet Alice

by Amy on November 29, 2017

This is my daughter Alice.

Most people nowadays think she is a he.

When she introduces herself as Alice, they think she is saying “Alex.”

One day early in the school year, a bunch of older girls laughed at her for going into the girl’s bathroom.

“Look!” they said. “There’s a boy using the girls bathroom!”

Alice came home very upset. “I’m never going to the bathroom at school again,” she told me.

“Mom, why do people think that girls have to look a certain way,” she asked.

“I have short hair and I like to wear brother’s clothes. I can still be a girl right?”

Of course, you can still be a girl,” I told her.

A few months later, she still doesn’t like to go into the girls bathroom. BUT I found a brand new option available to her at school:

For the first time ever, an all gender bathroom.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to be yourself especially when being You doesn’t fit the mold.

But the world needs you to be brave more than ever (ESPECIALLY when you don’t fit the mold) because when you do, you help others see differently.

It’s the “Alices” of the world who teach us to…

Think outside the box, beyond right or wrong, good or bad, he or she, where true compassion and understanding live.

Not all things are black or white.

They don’t have to be.

It’s in the many shades of grey that we find a beautiful universe of untapped possibility, potential and compassion.

Last night Alice said this to me, “Mom, I feel really good about myself because I’m brave.”

Yes she is.

Thank you Alice.

And thank you to all the others who are brave too.

We need you more than ever.

Like Alice…

May you show yourself to us and see yourself for all you truly are.


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