Stop Chasing Happy

by Amy on November 24, 2017

Every five year old knows you can’t be happy until you’re six because you get to go to preschool when you’re six.
But the preschoolers all know you can’t be happy until you turn seven when you get to go to school all day.
Every seven year old will tell you however that you can’t really be happy until you go to junior high school where you don’t have to stay in the same classroom the whole time.
The junior high school kids know the truth though — you can’t ever be truly happy until high school.
But the high school kids learn that true happiness comes once you turn sixteen when you can finally drive.
But once the high schoolers get to drive, they learn that happiness comes only when twenty one rolls around (we all know why).
Then the high schoolers promise they will find happiness once and for all when they get into the “right” college.
Once they get into the “right” college they realize that happiness comes only after graduation when they find the job of their dreams.
Then after they find the job of their dreams they learn that happiness comes once the “right” person shows up.
Then they get married and realize that happiness comes only after children.
After children though they all say that happiness doesn’t ever really come unless their children are happy.
But the children know…
They can’t ever be happy until preschool.
Maybe this looks a little different for you…
But my hunch is that you’ve been chasing happiness too.
How long have you been running after it?
Another ten pounds?
Another promotion?
Once you find the “right” person or land your dream job or finally hit your rank?
I was that five year old once, who believed that when I was finally in kindergarten…
I’d be happy.
Eventually I became the adult who believed that happiness was waiting for me just out of reach until…
I got my graduate degree, or I lost ten pounds or I hit six figures or I had a baby.
And on and on and on.
And then I learned a secret…
Happiness isn’t a number on a scale or a good grade or money in the bank.
And as nice as it is to be among happy people, we can’t rely on them for our happiness either.
The truth is THIS:
Happiness has been there the whole time!
Sit down. Look around. Stop chasing it.
Happiness is inside you right now.
It’s been waiting for you your whole life.
Claim it.

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