Meet Dobby

by Amy on April 26, 2018

This is #Dobby.

Dobby doesn’t care about the bus schedule or the call you have to make, or what they think over at Puppy School.

She barks with the conviction and assurance of a puppy who knows it is time to play. She runs —ears back, tongue flopping, stubby legs pumping — as if she were the biggest dog in the pack. She chews on walls, cardboard, paper, golf clubs without self-imposed limitations.

She jumps on human, cat, dog, or squirrel (if she could catch one) without discrimination.

She poops where she wants. Even if it is in the outfield during a tee-ball game.

If she could talk she would probably say…

Lady. You need to slow down. Smell the trees, bark at that car, watch, listen and wait for the next dog to greet.

There are squirrels to chase and sticks to chew.

You may have more dog years than I, but you only have so many chances.

The grass is nice here. Get yourself a stick. Poop if you need to.


Lie down.


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