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by Amy on May 31, 2018

I love Astrology. Once, several years ago, I started an astrology website with my friend, an astrologer, Dena DeCastro.

But I didn’t want people to know. Especially my coaching clients or the people who subscribed to my newsletter.

“What should I do?” I asked my life coach. “I don’t want people to think I’m woo woo.”

Her advice was definitive: “Share immediately! Do not keep this a secret!

Folks who have an issue with it can unsubscribe. That’s a good thing. You’re creating a community. You don’t want to pretend to be somebody you’re not.”

What a relief!

Ever since, I’ve made it a rule to be me, no hiding.

Yeah, it gets me into trouble from time to time.

Some people tell me my writing is “unprofessional.” I should be more ladylike, they say…

But here’s my secret.

I say “shit” on purpose. Because that’s how I talk. In real life. If you can’t stand it, then you definitely shouldn’t be reading my blog, or subscribing to my newsletter and you sure as hell shouldn’t hire me as your coach. You should spend your precious time, participating in a community that turns you on.

Lately I’ve been criticized for not “segmenting” my list.

This is a marketing term for dividing potential customers into groups, or “segments” depending on different characteristics.

Just the other day for example somebody commented:

“I understand and honor that you and many others have found essential oils healing, even life-saving. But…. I am not interested in buying them from you, and I wish you had segmented your list so I could unsubscribe from those emails while still receiving your nuggets of brazenness and MYM updates.”

I love essential oils you see. And, yeah, I sell them. Just like I sell coaching sessions and self development programs and business advice in a course called Monetize Your Magic.

I sell a lot of things. In fact, every damn time I write a blog post, I’m selling something. Today I’m selling you the idea that you do not have to hide parts of yourself for the sake of others who deem some of you fit for their consumption and some of you not. You can be your whole fucking self.

Do you buy it? Maybe. Maybe not. But I sure hope you do.

Back to market segmentation…

I suppose I could create an essential oils segment in my database for people I determine who fit the market characteristics of someone who might buy them from me. I have the demographics and psychographics for days.

But where does it stop?

Do I have to create a segment each time I write about my kids, my obsession with tennis?
Should I create a segment for people who I believe might want to hear about my sobriety? Or kundalini yoga?
Should I keep quiet about ho’oponopono, or astrology, psychic fairs and angels?

Is it okay to talk about being an entrepreneur or being a coach, a mother and a wife?

Segment. Segment. Segment. It’s good business practice, they say.

Nah. I’m going to keep talking to you about my life. No hiding. I’m going to tell you about the miracle of copaiba oil and how I’ve used Ho’oponopono to forgive and how I learned how to make money in my coaching practice and my struggle with approval addiction and I’ll even tell you about my dog and the last time my family got lice.

And each time I share something, I promise you this: I will try to sell you something. It might be an idea like self love, or vulnerability or forgiveness. Or it might be a program. Or it might be a bottle of lavender.

If that’s too much for you, then I’ll say it nice this time… Please go find another blog. Don’t threaten to leave me because I didn’t bend over backwards to make myself more palatable for you.

That, after all, is what my idea of #brazen is about.


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Holland Franklin May 31, 2018 at 4:48 pm

I actually find it a great relief to hear that you’re not “segmenting” your marketing emails. And especially not segmenting yourself. It’s exhausting. I too have multiple interests which seem to not relate to each other on the surface and certainly don’t add up to a “brand”… unless they actually do. One of the things I’ve noticed is that we seem to want to identify each other based on a very narrow view of who they are and what they do – it’s certainly less work. In truth, people are complex and multi-faceted, and it’s all those facets interacting with each other that informs our viewpoint – our comprehension. I’m way better at what I mostly do which is working with environments, because of all the other things I’ve done, like being a trauma therapist, a doula, a bodywork therapist. I understand environments because I’ve interacted with both people and environments in so many different sorts of ways. I think when we segment ourselves our comprehension of everything goes down. We can be extraordinary Renaissance people who are fascinating and complex, or we can be our “brand” and become increasingly myopic. I love who people actually are so much more than their public personas. So, thank you for writing this!


Caroline May 31, 2018 at 5:12 pm

Pleased to hear you don’t do ‘segmenting’…..I too have a wide variety of interests and an endless curiosity. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.


Liz Ferguson May 31, 2018 at 8:09 pm

So fantastic Amy! This is truly TAO as Martha would say. I agree that we need to be our true selves no matter what others think. They have a choice just like you and I do. If they do not like the whole package then feel free to move on. However, maybe we could all open our minds a bit and hear about something new?? I’m game. Astrology is so cool!! Thanks again for being you and encouraging us all to be our true selves.


Colleen May 31, 2018 at 8:10 pm

Do you still study/blog about Astrology? Please post a link to your website!I so enjoy your unsegmented style!!!


Anisha May 31, 2018 at 8:28 pm

Dear Amy, what a fab and badass blog post. From someone who had “silo-ed” her life into so many segments, I feel you. I also feel the freedom of becoming ONE and not doing the dog-and-pony-show to suit some materialistic notion of who we are. So hallelujah and I honor your clarity and candor!


Katya May 31, 2018 at 8:33 pm

True!!! Love all your posts! Be brazen you inspire me every time!


Katya May 31, 2018 at 8:36 pm

True!!! Love your posts! Be brazen! You inspire me every time!!


Jenni May 31, 2018 at 10:39 pm

Good on you Amy…just the sort of brazenness I like to read about and the critical, “professional snobs” can go to Hell! I agree: take all of you/me as we are and simply celebrate our differences. It is simple enough to skip over the bits that are not of personal interest, so what on earth is the ‘big deal’?
I don’t like salesman who are too “slick and professional” – I can always tell when they are not being authentic. Therefore I find it refreshing that you are being your true self and telling it like it really is. As you said, that is the whole point of your blog! Best wishes, Jenni


anon June 1, 2018 at 10:09 am

I’m not interested in the oils and I totally LOVE this blog!! People end up in therapy segmenting themselves. Glad to hear from the curious, complex “whole package” Amy any day.


mara June 1, 2018 at 2:33 pm

love this amy!


Sunny June 4, 2018 at 6:28 pm

“Don’t threaten to leave me because I didn’t bend over backwards to make myself more palatable for you.” Truth! And I’m also happy you don’t segment. 🙂 xo


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