Where did Amy go? Part 1

by Amy on September 6, 2018

Two words . Mars retrograde.

Like you, my energy fluctuates. At times it feels like I have endless reserves. Other times, it feels like I can barely get out of bed.

Lately, well since May if we’re honest, I’ve been feeling blah. Yes, blah. THE WORST KIND OF BLAH. The kind where you are grumpy and jaded and you hate everything and all you do is sit on the couch eating pop cycles, watching the Tennis Channel, wearing your Pink Floyd T-shirt. After weeks and weeks of this behavior, I decided to consult with someone wise.

This wise mystic, like all the wise mystics who have counseled me in the past (they’re beginning to sound like a broken record), reminded me, in so many words, to chill the #@$&* out.

My whole life has been an exercise, you see, in willing things to happen with good ol’fashion brute force. I’m not one for sitting around on the couch. I do things.

The lesson for me in this life, it has become abundantly clear, is to trust things will be okay even (especially) when I”m not hyper-achieving.

Little did I know, until a conversation with my friend Dena DeCastro the brilliant astrologer, that the blahs I’ve been experiencing coincide exactly with mars retrograde.

Mars is all about how we use our energy in the world.

Retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards. The message? Expect delays.

Coincidence? You can believe that if you want to be that person (ahem Ron Albano). But I’ve been working with Dena too long to underestimate the stars.

Mars retrograde or not, I decided to try a little experiment. I decided to listen to the wise ones and let it all go to shit. (Perhaps this wasn’t the exact advice.)

For the first time in seven years I stayed on the couch. I attempted to accept the blahs. I watched my favorite tennis stars with impunity, listened to Wish You Were Here and did not write a single email. Aside from a few photos of my kids and the dog, I didn’t post to social media. Hell, even my lead pages account lapsed.

In my work as a coach, I attract a lot of clients who have the opposite problem — big dreams, not a lot of action. Many of them can’t seem to get past the fear of screwing up. My advice is always some variation of…

“Do something that scares you… no matter how big or how small. See what happens.”

Most of the time, they start with something small, something that may appear trivial on the surface but actually scares the shit out of them.

One of my clients painted her nails neon pink as an example.

And you know what?

They don’t die. In fact the sun still rises. When they see this after doing the scary thing, it gets easier to do other scary things.

We are building a muscle. Not a bicep or a tricep muscle. A confidence muscle.

In my case, I needed the same kind of evidence that I would still live if I allowed myself to let it all go to shit.

The sun is up and I’m still breathing.

Mars is in the process of going direct. And I”m starting to get a little energy back… just a little mind you. Don’t ask me to mail for you or come to your party or participate in your tele summit.

And I’m feeling a little tiny bit different. Like I might just be able to chill the #$%^ out. No promises. We are all a work in process.

And hey while we’re on the subject…

My good friend (the brilliant astrologer Dena DeCastro I mentioned above) and my other good friend and brilliant book coach Ginger Moran decided to do a free call on Astrology and the creative process.

I CANNOT WAIT. It’s next week!!!!!!!!

If you’ve ever wondered how the heck retrogrades work or what your north node is or how to pronounce URANUS (be careful) and how all this impacts your creativity, you don’t want to miss this call.

Click here to sign up: http://eepurl.com/dEXQuf

And thanks for listening. I have so much more to say about the blahs and tennis and sick dogs and astrology and writing and…and…and… in the coming weeks 🙂

I missed you guys.


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Nurit September 7, 2018 at 9:27 am

So that’s what has been going on for who-knows-how-long!!! Mars. Retrograde. Who knew?
I’ve been dragging my sorry ass around for what feels like forever thinking (not really) that there’s something wrong and quite frankly, Scarlette, I don’t give a damn.

Looking forward to hearing more from you when you are finished chillin’.


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