Vulnerability Bloopers

by Amy on August 29, 2019


It’s been a while.

This is me after my haircut yesterday in which the stylist curled my hair in a way that I will NEVER be able to replicate.

Anyway, I have a good excuse for my absence…

I didn’t feel like working.

First of all, this summer was epic. We went from big city living to small town living. There was a lot of unpacking and many people I love who came to see us in our new habitat.

And the kids! My eight-year-old broke her arm a few days before school got out… There was a surgery! And a cast!

And there was watching my kiddos (did I mention I have the most amazing little humans on the planet???) adjust to a new life away from the loving community we said good-bye to in Portland. And now a new school! Here they are on the first day:


I didn’t feel like working.

So I didn’t write.

I didn’t offer any coaching or courses.

And for the first time in my eight years in the biz, I didn’t post to my list.

The old me would have been up late into the night worrying about this.

But I kind of like this new “fuck it” attitude of mine.

Because you know what? The world did not end.

And you know what else happened? I got inspired. The muses didn’t give up on me! They came back!!!!

And now I have some exciting things in the works.

Like a new blog. And a new course. And a TOTAL biz rebrand.

In the meantime, I’m going to be posting again. But things will be a little different. I’ll still write the occasional life coachy post. I might attempt to sell you things from time to time. But apropos to my new “fuck it” attitude, I’ll also write to you about just anything that lights my fire. And if you know me, you know I bounce around A LOT.

I’m done fighting it!

So you might encounter a post about zero waste living, or the trouble I’m having with my tomatoes, or something to do with tennis or my thoughts on getting older, on being a mom, on having sex, money, body image… NOTHING is off the table.

Because life, right?

I am in the process of Becoming this person we call “Amy.” I have been for 46 years. And I don’t want to hide a thing about what that looks like for me.


Because I believe the less I hide the less you hide. And in a roundabout way all of this un-hiding makes the world a better place.

Oh and I made up a word — Vulnerability Blooper.

You know those bloopers they show after TV shows or movies?

So funny, right?

Well I realized that my life (and maybe yours too) is a series of bloopers. AKA things that don’t go the way you expect them to. And I’ve been taking that shit way too seriously.

The bloopers I commit the most are the ones that are born out of the fear of being vulnerable.

(Vulnerability as defined by Amy: a fear of being exposed to pain (physical or emotional) or the fear of someone you love being exposed to pain. How did I do Brene’?)

Vulnerability bloopers are why I snap at my husband when he asks me about the budget, or why I hate going to parties, or why I pick out my kids’ clothes the morning before school.

I try to control things to avoid looking or feeling uncomfortable or I try to control my children in an attempt to keep them from looking or feeling uncomfortable. And this behavior often goes south for me in – I’m beginning to realize — hilarious ways.

So I’m going to write about all that. And hopefully laugh a little more about it. Or make you laugh about it. (If you’re not laughing with me, you’re laughing at me… and I’m ok with that.)

So stay tuned for a new blog along these lines. I’m calling it Becoming Amy: One Vulnerability Blooper at a time.

So that’s the scoop my friend.

I missed you.


P.S. If you want to get in on some 1:1 coaching before my schedule fills up, shoot me an email ( back.

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