Success has no choice in the matter

by Amy on September 10, 2019

This is my daughter Joy.

This summer she moved to a new town, leaving all her BFF’s (and she had a lot) and her beloved neighbors, not to mention her “second mother” aka our nanny and one of my BFF’s, Maria.

All this after breaking her arm in two places just a few days before summer break.

She has had a rough time.

Joy’s favorite thing to do is play with friends.

Which is tricky when you have none anymore.

Luckily she found out that a little girl around her age lived two houses down.

There was just one problem. You see Joy cannot pronounce the “R” sound.

And this little girl has an R featured prominently smack in the middle of her name.

So Joy practiced and practiced, repeating the little’s girl’s name over and over (and over) again.

“Mom, am I saying it right?” She’d ask.

“Babe, you sound fine.” I’d respond. I thought she sounded adorable but she would think I was patronizing her if I told her that.

And still she practiced, repeating the name to her brother, to her sister, to her dad, to the dog, the cats.

Until one day she was ready.

She marched over to that house and asked the little girl to play.

That little girl didn’t have a choice.

Because Joy believed that success was a forgone conclusion, R or no R.

She set a goal.

She prepared.

She took action.

Problem solved.

I wonder what *I* could accomplish if I approached every goal with that same level of self believe and conviction.

I wonder what we could all accomplish if we believed in our own success the way Joy believes in hers.

Joy didn’t let the R stop her.

And neither should you.

Believe in your own success as if it didn’t have a choice in the matter.

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