What Motivates YOU?

by Amy on October 24, 2019

About five years ago I signed up for a very expensive business mastermind. Like very expensive. Like 20 grand expensive.

I got one on one time with a really charismatic and successful mentor and travelled to NYC several times a year to learn from this mentor with others in the mastermind.

And you know what? It was really, really helpful.

I learned a lot but more importantly I accomplished a lot.

One of the reasons I accomplished so much was because I was EXTREMELY motivated to see a return on my investment.

The other reason I accomplished so much was because I was an approval whore. I wanted to impress my mentor and the others in my mastermind. Yep I wanted them all to approve of me.

This strategy works for a lot of people. It’s a simple formula. Pay someone charismatic and accomplished who you put on a pedestal a massive amount of coin to help you then work your ass off trying to prove yourself to this person and prove to yourself that didn’t spend all that money for nothing.

Look, no judgement. I’ve done it too many times to count, with definite results.

It reminds me of someone I know and love who will go nameless…

He likes to go to Vegas with his friends a couple times a year.

It’s essentially a very expensive and involved weight loss strategy.

And it NEVER fails. As soon as he books the trip and the room, he hits the gym.

Turns out, for some, the prospect of pool time among the young and beautiful is a fabulous way to motivate oneself to move more and eat less.

Come to think of it, maybe this is why high school reunions exist… anyway…

The formula is the same. Fork out money for a trip where people will see you half naked or pass judgement on how well you are aging. That’ll get you on the elliptical fast.

The benefit of this strategy is that the more coin you drop, the more fire under your ass to get shit done. After all, the key to success is simple, do something and don’t stop until you reach your goal.

The other benefit is this:

While you are busy seeking the approval of your mentor, you are also gaining knowledge you otherwise wouldn’t have access to and because you are FINALLY taking action, you are using this knowledge as opposed to taking more classes or signing up for more trainings without actually doing anything.

A lot of coaches justify charging massive amounts of money for their programs because of this.

And I totally get it. As a coach there is nothing worse than knowing your clients are using your content as another procrastination decoy.

Another benefit of this strategy is the other people you get to know through the group. You essentially pay for access to smart people who will support you for years to come.

But there are problems with this “success” strategy as well:

1. It’s expensive! A lot of people do see a return on investment but, frankly, a lot of people don’t.
2. It’s not sustainable. What happens after the program is complete and the charismatic mentor goes away? Or your trip to Vegas is over? If you rely on a mentor to hold you accountable and motivate you, or the judgment of swarms of hot people at a pool, you’re out of luck when the program or the trip expires.

The biggest problem with this approach is this:


In my industry a lot of mentors bank on the fact that there will be a constant supply of entrepreneurs who are looking for masterminds and a lot of mastermind members who will renew.

Which is fine… Do whatever works!


What if you could learn how to motivate yourself?

What if you loved yourself so automatically that you didn’t need the approval of someone you put on a pedestal?

What if you could be your own damn mentor?

These are skills that NEVER expire.

Ladies listen up…

I’m offering group coaching to a small number of women who want to learn how to find motivation within, learn the lifelong skill of automatic self-love and how to access an inner mentor who will rival any of the most charismatic and successful ones out there.

All for an investment that is so so so doable. Because I don’t want the fear of not getting back your investment to be your motivation.

On top of that, you will receive access to incredible women who will support you for years and years to come.

I am interviewing candidates over the next few weeks.

If you’d like to set up a call to see if this is a fit, send me a direct message or email me at pearson.amy@gmail.com.

AND if you’re intrigued by the idea of motivation from within, make sure you’re on my email list. I’m going to be teaching a free class Wednesday the 30th.

You can sign up for the class and get on my list here:


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