Give Me a Break?

March 1, 2018

Confession: I am not the best communicator. I’m blunt and I don’t take the time to explain myself or soften things. Yet ironically, I’m as sensitive as they come— I read into everything other people say. Which is why I’d have a very hard time having a conversation with myself. That is, if I didn’t […]

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Stop Expecting Them to “Get” It: Why Some Partnerships Fail

February 9, 2017

“What’s on the agenda this weekend?” My husband asks. I open up my planner. “Battle of the books in the early afternoon Saturday, then Jazmina’s Quinciniera in the eve. Then Sunday is Janina’s birthday party at the pool.” “I’m not going to that,” He says. “But…” I answer. “I work all week and I don’t […]

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Down in the Dumps? How to Feel Better in 30 Seconds or Less

May 18, 2016

The other day I saw a very touching exchange on Facebook between some family members. And its embarrassing to admit but, instead of being happy about it, I made it all about me. I made it mean… I’m not lovable. I don’t fit in. I’m an outsider. The same story I’ve been telling myself for […]

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Why Sensitive Women Can be Bitchy

August 20, 2014

Guest Post by Mely Brown Hokey Wolf was a White German Shepherd x Siberian Husky. My mate, my soul friend, my nemesis and shadow self, all rolled into one. When he was a tiny pup, he was in a van looking down at a fully-grown German Shepherd, growling and barking. I lifted him onto the […]

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The Gift of Being Bad at Just About Everything

June 10, 2014

Sports were a big deal in my family.  A card carrying approval addict even then, I played them all. In summer it was softball (second base). Each time somebody was up to bat I would secretly plead with God, “please Lord DO NOT let her hit that ball to me. Please, please, please, please, pleeeeaassssse….. […]

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10 Tips for Dealing with Annoying People

November 27, 2013

Jean Paul Sartre once said that hell is other people. I agree with Jean Paul. Other people can, at times, be hell. But I like to think the “hell” we encounter when someone “pushes our buttons” plays an absolutely critical role on the road to happy.

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[interview] want better relationships?

April 11, 2013

I had an aha moment the other day… (aha moments are like crack to life coaches). I was sitting on the plane with my sister-in-law. She and I both share a deep love for self help books. So she was telling me about all these great relationship books she’s reading. And I realized, I have […]

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