Self Care

Self-Care is the Missing Ingredient

December 8, 2010

“I wake up each morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This makes it very hard to plan the day.” — E. B. White I had the great pleasure of interviewing the magnificent Jennifer Louden for the final segment of my series of self-care. Jennifer has […]

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This Little Light of Mine

November 24, 2010

Throughout this series I’ve learned a lot about self-care but if were to boil it down to two words I would have to say: self love. I posted this quote by Brooke Castillo to Facebook the other day: “The sensation of hunger is satisfied with fuel; the emotion of hunger is satisfied with self love.” […]

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My Self-Care, Your Self-Care

October 28, 2010

Self-care – Sometimes it is about pedicures and bubble baths!

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Diane Hunter on Self-Care

October 14, 2010

Diane Hunter is a certified Martha Beck life coach. She is a busy mama of two boys, one with special needs. As a certified Equis and Mind Body coach, I was eager to get her take on self-care.

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On Persistence and Self-Care

September 16, 2010

In her post titled Just Show Up, life coach Ann Mehl shares a story about her friend James Maddock. A talented singer/songwriter, early in his career Columbia Records signed him then shortly “dumped” him when his record didn’t sell. Ten years later, she overheard his music playing at her local Starbucks.

People Give Up Too Easy

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Savannah Mayfield on Self-Nurture

September 8, 2010

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with life coach Savannah Mayfield about self-care. In her work she talks a lot about the importance of “self-nurture” as opposed to simply self-care. I was really interested in getting her take on the difference between the two. Talking with her, I learned a lot about what […]

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Self-Care = Self Care

September 3, 2010

I notice that a lot of women, especially moms, equate “self-care” with “self-ish.” A commitment to self-care, according to this line of thinking, is selfish because it’s all about putting one’s needs over the needs of others.

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